“The UN Security Council believes we are a threat to regional stability, the fact that they even use that word is ironic. This region has never experienced stability before we arrived, it was always one warlord or another sowing dissent and ruling by terror tactics. They believe me to be the same but they are wrong, there has never been a man in charge of this country like me. I am stability for West Africa! and I challenge the UN Security Council’s judgement on this topic. No UN advisers will be welcomed in the UNITED CONGO REPUBLIC! for any reason. We will take care of our own problems as we see fit. Erebus will continue as we have since our inception, guided by a vision of what is right and necessary.”
Col. Soloman Grace, Commander of Erebus to the UN via TV

Background – 24 years ago no one would have thought that an organized group of individuals could take over such a large area of land. They were wrong Col. Soloman Grace and Erebus, a PMC, took over the Congo kilometer by kilometer starting from Boma and working their way through any resistance. Strategic minds all over the world were amazed by how quickly Erebus disintegrated the Congo Republican Army and multiple insurrection factions through brilliant plans, propaganda, fear, and perhaps underhanded tactics. Supported by leased Russian equipment Col. Grace took over Brazzaville in 4 months of hard fighting and forced a surrender of the government and assumed control of The Republic of the Congo.

Solidifying his hold on the region through economic, media, and military control he moved on to The Democratic Republic of the Congo and splintered their poorly trained army with lighting fast helicopter raids, river-bound special forces, and a moving phalanx of armor. Within a month he took over Kinsasha and started spreading from that hard point, 4 years ago the last major insurrection group was put down permanently with the public execution of its leadership broadcast worldwide via the internet. Since then the Congo has had their first real election but Erebus remains autonomous and unaccountable to the United Congo Republic (UCR) government.

Current Operations – Erebus continues to put down minor insurrections throughout the various tribal groups and jungle territory in the Congo River Basin as well as combating other forces on the border with Nigeria. Erebus is currently forward deployed on The Congo-Nigeria border (wary of any Nigerian action on Natural Gas reserves on the border) and in several very large military installations while providing internal security troops for Congo City. The rest of the region’s Law Enforcement is provided through the Congolese Organized Police (COPs) which are monitored by Erebus and are ostensibly an Erebus Auxiliary. Erebus and COPs are very proactive in keeping the peace and any threats to stability are met with extreme prejudice (which has attracted attention from the international community for human rights violations).

Recent News – Recently Erebus Military Police and their Congolese Organized Police auxiliaries have been very active cracking down on protesters, saboteurs, and activists. The new generation of Congolese citizens have lived under Erebus for all their lives and while a tenuous peace and economic prosperity have been the result no one wishes to live under a Tyranny if there is another option. Every day there is a demonstration in Congo City or one of the other smaller Congolese cities that inevitably needs to be broken up by Erebus security forces. As such Erebus Interior Command has stepped up patrols to break up these groups before they form and have been allegedly monitoring civilian communications and intercepting opposition leaders. EIC has ordered that all Congolese cities be fully wired with surveillance and remote weapons systems to prevent insurrection while soldiers and police patrol the streets in greater numbers.

The United Congo Republic
Capital – Congo City (Kinsasha-Brazzaville)

Security – Erebus and the Congolese Organized Police

Natural Resources – est ~24 trillion USD in marketable natural resources

Infrastructure – Erebus Martial/Marine Engineering constructed roads and railways watched by security cameras and remotely operated weapon towers (7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns) in remote locations. Mostly new water and sewer infrastructure including treatment plants and reservoirs, Erebus and Allied Russian Contractors have built multiple power plants and Nyx Advanced Research Projects (Erebus’ scientific enterprise) has been actively researching new energy sources primarily around Solar Thermal and Geothermal exploitation.

Industry – With so much money going into the infrastructure of the Congo construction firms are fighting each other (sometimes violently) to get Erebus contracts because they pay on time and are mostly on the up and up. The mining industry has expanded (and relocated in some cases) due to Brazilian, Indian, and Russian mining companies confident that they will not be harassed by corrupt officials and rogue paramilitaries. The entertainment industry has expanded under Congo United Media, a public-private partnership ostensibly devoted to education, and they have begun to go international.

Erebus Military Assets – 180,550 Active and Reserve/Auxilary soldiers, hundreds of armored cars, 380 Artillery pieces (Small Anti-Tank Guns, Howitzers, Missile Packs), 221 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (BTR-4U), 182 Main Battle Tanks (T-90Us), 10 Grish V Class Corvettes, 2 Balefire Class Submarines, 87 Helicopters, 20 Turboprop Planes


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